Maple Dark Balsamic Vinegar

The sweet and savoury aroma of maple syrup is captured in this exceptionally sweet balsamic condimento. This vinegar has become a brunch favourite and a creative addition to roasting Brussels sprouts. For a burst of flavor, pair it with Cayenne olive oil, but for a wonderful flavor contrast, pair it with a Mild Super Premium EVOO. A sweet and warm balsamic that is superb on waffles, pork chops, and pancakes, it is also a delicious accompaniment to fruit, Greek yogurt, and ice cream.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): Any Olive That! Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Infused EVOO: Blood Orange, Mesquite Hickory Smoke, Savoury Butter, Sweet Butter
Agrumato EVOO: Cayenne
Nut & Seed Oil: Roasted Walnut

Marinades for Slow Cooked/Roasted/Grilled Pork, BBQ Sauces, Chicken or Salmon, Winter Squash, Pastries & Creamy Desserts, Cruciferous Vegetables, Reductions



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