Robust Intensity Italian Coratina EVOO

This is a wonderful robust Coratina oil with all of the typical flavors of the variety. It is perfectly balanced with moderate bitterness, strong pungency, along with a strong aroma and fruitiness. It has mostly green, herbaceous qualities dominated by green banana, green tea, nettle, cinnamon, and black pepper. This oil tastes very fresh and full bodied.

  • 60ml (Sample)
  • 200ml (Small)
  • 375ml (Medium)
  • 750ml (Large)
1,2 DAGS 86.4%
Acidity .19%
Country of Origin Italy
Crush Date October 2019
Peroxides 9.41
Polyphenols 369
PPP <1%
K232 1.84
Median Fruitiness 7
Oleic 72.3%
Test Date February 2020
Intensity Robust


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